Track Order

We use ePacket Shipping. You can track your orders through USPS  website or track your orders through this link after receiving the tracking number. This will be emailed to you once shipped out and it usually takes 7days or more.

The package cannot weigh more than 4.4 lbs (2kg) to qualify for ePacket delivery and the merchandise being shipped cannot exceed $400 in value.

35 countries support ePacket deliveries:

*Great Britian
*Hong Kong
*New Zealand
*South Korea

    How long does it take for ePacket shipping to arrive?

    Depending on the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other delays, shipping times can vary.

    On average to the United States, a package can take 10-25 days to arrive from the date of shipment. Other countries may see similar or slightly longer average shipping time. Around half the time is spent reaching the destination, while the other half is spent being routed to the proper facilities before making it to the customer in the destination country.